Starting a Business

Business Finance for a Startup Business

Often the big banks want to see track record before they’ll lend you anything. But we understand that businesses succeed because of the people and that people don’t start new enterprises thinking they’ll fail. You obviously have the belief in your knowledge and ability to do whatever it is you are launching and we have faith in you too.

We’re a partner in your corner. We’ll help find the finance needed to get you up and running. The broker you deal with on day one will stay in close contact as you get your business off the ground and will be ready to help when you’re ready to move to the next level. Because in years to come we want to be able to proudly say that we had a hand in the success of your business too.


  • Rent to buy structures

  • Cash flow finance

  • Home loan top up finance

  • Equipment finance

Whist it is possible to raise finance for almost any asset most lenders will require you to show your commitment with some degree of deposit or personal investment

This doesn’t need to be as long as ‘war and peace’ but a brief written overview/story of your track record, business history and future plans will provide more meaning to your finance request.

From financial record keeping to customer relationship management. Make sure you have good business management systems to help keep you in control.

Enlist the help of the others who have been there and done that. Don’t lose faith and draw on others experiences. There is no point ‘re-inventing the wheel’ if others have driven the road before you.

Financing your business growth


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