Finance for Small Business Equipment


If you’re running a small business, time is money. You may need new equipment to grow your business, or have an urgent need for replacements to ensure continuity of service. And time spent trudging through processes and documentation is time you can’t afford. Your skills are in running your business and providing service to your clients, so it makes sense to let someone else manage your finance requirements.

We will keep it simple. We will let you know exactly what information we require and we will handle the rest. So you can get on with running your business and keeping your clients happy.


  • Variable/seasonal repayments

  • Tax effective structures

  • High residual value finance

  • Limited recourse finance

Financial information

Presentation of accurate records of your trading performance and assets and liabilities makes it so much easier to get the sharpest interest rates for business finance.

Business plan

This doesn’t need to be as long as ‘war and peace’ but a brief written overview/story of your business history and future plans will provide more meaning to your finance request.

Duration and residual values

Structure your repayments to suit your business cash flow and the expected life of the asset being purchased.


It costs nothing to get your loan pre-approved so you can go shopping with confidence.

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