Retailers & Equipment Sellers

We already act as the preferred finance partner for more than 100 equipment resellers and retailers, as well as partnering with professional services firms to provide expert finance advice and services to their clients.

We are trusted and we are good at what we do. And we’re keen to partner with you too.

Retailers & Equipment Sellers

Don’t lose a sale because your buyer hasn’t got their finance organised. We can provide you with ‘point of sale’ finance information for your buyers to give them confidence to purchase.

How many sales are lost while your potential customers go away to organise finance with a third party? The inevitable delays can lead to people changing their minds or finding an alternative deal. But if you had the tools and information in house to arrange finance on your clients’ behalf, you may well be able to settle more transactions there and then.

We’ll arm you with everything you need including your own advisor/broker to help expedite the process from initial inquiries to closing the deals.


  • We help you close more sales

  • We get finance approved quickly and easily

  • We have over 35 years history and over 20,000 satisfied clients


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