Brokers vs Banks

We ensure healthy competition in the lending market so our clients get a great deal

We make it easy for the banks, which makes it easy for you. Our team of Perth finance brokers help you put the right foot forward and that takes the guesswork out of your finance application, ensuring the banks can say yes.

We Love The Banks

And they love us too. So it’s not so much a case of us versus them, but more of us working with them to provide a simpler, faster and better solution for you. Brokers are providing a new framework for banks to connect with customers by doing all the legwork to help them fast-track the approval process.

We Work For You

There are many advantages for you in using a finance broker. The time and effort to navigate through the multitude of finance options can be mind-boggling. But we’ve already done the work and can guide you straight to the best options where we know the outcome will work in your favour. No guesswork, no gamble and no barking up the wrong tree.

Value For You:

  • We work for you

  • Multiple lender and loan options

  • Genuine & stable personal relationship

  • Ongoing advice

  • Save time, money and stress

More than half of all mortgages in Australia are arranged for people who deal with finance brokers rather than the banks directly. And the trend is the same in business and commercial finance too. So the banks benefit from working with us.

We work for you. We work to understand your requirements. We work to understand your financial position. And we work to find the best product, and the best deal, to serve your needs. We stay abreast of all products offered by banks and lending institutions so that when you need finance, we know which lenders to approach.

We know who to deal with too. Which means we get priority treatment, fast turnaround and the right outcomes. And we’ll handle the bundle of paperwork that a bank might leave for you to stumble through. We can regularly get you the best deal in the shortest time because we know what the banks are looking for and the critical factors in how they assess your borrowing risk.
Dealing with any lending institution is still about dealing with people. That means putting your best foot forward and making the right first impression to get what you want.

Brokers make it easier for the banks to say yes. And that makes it easier for you.

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