I am a seasoned Business Finance Broker with an extensive track record in structuring and managing diverse business finance portfolios. With a background in risk/credit, I take pleasure in thoroughly understanding each client and their business needs.

Having been a broker at Westminster for 7 years, my previous roles include Head of Business Banking at St George in WA and senior State Risk positions within the Westpac Group. I specialize in assisting self-employed clients and professionals with a wide array of business and personal finance needs, such as business acquisition, cash flow funding, and property and equipment financing.

My expertise and engaging personality are well-suited for clients who appreciate active involvement and have multifaceted requirements. What drives me is the opportunity to help clients succeed by structuring their finance effectively for growth and prosperity. I am relationship-oriented and results-driven, committed to adding substantial value and fostering long-term partnerships with clients.

Beyond my professional endeavours, I enjoy socializing and spending quality time with family and friends. With four children and an amazing partner, I like to maintain a dynamic and fulfilling life both personally and professionally. I firmly believe in pursuing work that you love, recognizing the importance of enjoying the journey.