Hand shake business and finance

Whether you’re refinancing, investing, expanding your business or buying your first home, having a finance broker to assist you in this process can make things a lot smoother.A finance broker provides a personal experience with your goals, financial position and capabilities carefully assessed to determine the right lender for you. They’re on your team. Brokers provide a level of commitment and access to a broader variety of products from multiple lenders that you won’t receive going to a single lender direct.  

How a finance broker can assist you

The Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) is the peak national body for professional mortgage and finance brokers. They’ve compiled some insightful steps on how a finance broker can assist you by:

  • Evaluating and understanding your needs
  • Comparing your options
  • Calculating your borrowing power
  • Giving ongoing expert advice
  • Doing all the legal work
  • Coming at no cost to the customer
  • Getting pre-approval
  • Building your wealth and financial security

Check out this video with Kyal and Kara from Channel 9’s ‘The Block’ on their preference for using a mortgage broker because they value the personal experience when sourcing funding for a property.

Outstanding customer satisfaction

As the broking market continues to grow, the popularity of mortgage brokers and the proven benefits of using a broker is demonstrated in the latest customer satisfaction and loan settlement statistics published in the finance broker benchmark report by the MFAA.

In 2017 mortgage brokers helped Australians secure finance for more than half of all home loans. This was over a half a million home loans settled, a figure that has doubled over the past ten years. The Net Promoter Score (NPS) customer satisfaction measure of mortgage brokers is in excess of 70+ which is outstanding and industry leading for financial services.  

In order to get the best professional advice, make sure your broker is a MFAA accredited broker, as members:

  • Are the highest educated in the country
  • Adhere to a strict ethical and professional code of practice so you know you’re in safe hands,
  • Have access to a large range of products across multiple lenders to give you greater choice

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